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Fineness test of cement determination.

 Fineness test of cement by sieving

The Fineness test of cement are one of most important physical property. The Fineness test on cement are generally carried out in site by hand specimen. Determine the Fineness test of cement by means of the 90micron IS sieve as per IS: 4031(part1) – 1996.

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  • IS-90 micron sieve, 
  • Standard weighing balance, 
  • Plate, 
  • Brush.


The fineness of a cement sample has an important characteristics on the rate of hydration and hence on the rate of gain of strength and also on the rate of evolution of heat. The finer cement has a greater surface area for hydration and hence the faster and greater the development of strength. According to the properties of cement grain size Increase in fineness of cement is also increase the drying shrinkage of concrete. According to the Indian standard Fineness of cement is tested either by sieving or by determination of specific surface by air-permeability apparatus. Specific surface may be consider the total surface area of all the particles in one gram of cement.

                          Sieve image       Sieve image


1. Take accurately 100 g of cement sample and place it on a standard 90 micron IS sieve.

2. Break down any air-set lumps to fine grain of the cement sample with fingers.

3. Continuously sieve the sample giving circular and vertical motion by manual or mechanical way for a period of 15 minutes.

4. Weigh the residue left on the sieve. As per IS code the percentage residue on 90 micron IS sieve              should not exceed 10%.


Fineness test table image

Average Fineness of cement =


 Fineness of given sample of cement =

Air lumps of cement sample  should be crushed using fingers and not be pressed with the sieve. Sieving shall be done by holding the sieve in both hands and with gentle frequently wrist motion. More or less continuous rotation of the sieve should be carried out throughout sieving process.

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