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Determination of Liquid limit of soil sample

Objective :- 

The experiment is conducted to determine the liquid limit of the soil sample using casagrande type mechanical soil liquid limit apparatus.

Material and Equipment:-

1.               Mechanical liquid limit device consisting of brass cup and rubber base.

2.               Grooving tool

3.               Porcelin evaporation

4.               Weighting balance (0.01g accurate)

5.               Air liquid container

6.               Oven

7.               Distilled water bottle

8.               4.25 micro sieve

Casagrande apparatus  image

Test Procedure :-

  1.  By means of the gauge on the handle of the grooving tool and the adjustment plate, adjust the height through which the cup is lifted and dropped so that the base for through when the handle is by one revolution. When the adjustment is complete the adjustment plate by fighting its screw.
  2. Take about 120gm of the specimen passing through 425µsieve it thoroughly with distilled water in the evaporating so that uniform paste is formed leave the soil for sufficient term so that water may permutated throughout the soil mass for an average soil through mining for about 15 to 300mm may be sufficient the amount of water to be added depends on the type of soil and is a matter of experience.
  3. Turn the handle of the apparatus at the rate of 2revolution/second until the two parts of the soil come in contact with the bottom of the groove along a distance of 10mm. Collect a representive seine of  soil by moving the spatula with wise from one edge to the other edge of the soil flowed to greater and put in air lid at container.
  4. Remove the remaining soil from the up it with the soil left earlier in the evaporating the consisting of the soil mean by either adding some water leaving the soil paste to dry as the case may be and respect steps 3,4,5 & 6. Note the no of revolution to case the groove is 25+10.
Liquid limit test  image

Tabulation of Observation :-

Liquid limit table image

Calculation and Result:-

Plot the flow curve with water content the ordinate and log of number of blows as abscissa. The water content corresponding to 25 blows is taken as the liquid limit of soil. Form the graph find the difference the water content for the blows efficiency by one log cycle do this emend the flow curve.  So as to interest the ordinates come to 10l 100 blows.

The liquid limit of the soil (wl) from graph =

Flow index If

Flow index formula iage

Liquid limit graph image

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