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Determination of density by sand replacement method.

Determination of density by Sand replacement method.

 Determination of density by Sand replacement method.

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Object and scope of Sand replacement method:- 

The Experiment is conducted to determine the dry density of natural or compact soil, in place by the sand replacement method.

Materials and Equipment:-

  1. Sand pouring cylinder of about 3liter capacity mounted above a pouring come and separated by shutter cover plate and a shatter.
  2. Cylinder calibrating container 100mm internal dia and 150mm depth.
  3. Metal tray with hole.
  4. Excavating tool.
  5. Weighting balance.
  6. Glass plate.
  7. Water content determination apparatus.

Test Procedure:-

 Determination of mass of sand filling the conc.:-

1.               Full the sand of sand in the sand pouring cylinder up to a height 1cm below the top. Firstly measure the total initial mass of the cylinder plus sand(M1).

2.               Keep the sand pouring cylinder over the calibrating cylinder open the shutter and allow the sand to run out into the calibrating cylinder till it is filled. Now the close the shutter and determine its mass(M2)

3.               Now, place the sand pouring cylinder on a grass plate. Open the shutter of open face and allow the sand to run out until no further movement of sand takes place in the cylinder.

4.               Close the shutter and remove the sand pouring cylinder carefully correct the sand left on the glass plate in a container of non-mass and determine its mass (M3)

Determination  of bulk density of sand:-

1.               Determine the volume (v) of calibrating cylinder :- Area x Height

2.               Calculate the bulk density of sand as Ma/Vg/ cm3

Determination of dry density of soil in place:-

1.               Expose an area about 450 mm on the soil surface where test is to be performed. Trim the surface to level it using a scrapper tool.

2.               Keep the metal tray with the central hole on the prepared surface. Excavate a hole in the soil using excavating tool while excavating use hole in the tray as a pottern and excavate upto a depth of 15cm.

3.           Now collect the excavated soil and weight the soil and record the value in the sheet(Mw)

4.               Full the sand pouring cylinder with standard sand to the mass as recorded earlier(M1) place the sand pouring cylinder over the excavated hole.

5.               Place the sand pouring cylinder an excavated hole, open the shutter and allow the sand to run out until no further movement of sand takes place in the cylinder. Now close the shutter.

6.               Remove the cylinder from the excavated hole weight this pouring cylinder with the remaining sand.

7.               Take the small sand specimen of this soil for moisture content determination.

Observation And Calculation :- 

Sand replacement Table iage

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