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Specific Gravity Of Bitumen

determine the specific gravity of bitumen

 Specific Gravity Of Bitumen

The Specific Gravity is the most important physical property of a material. The specific gravity test of bituminous material is important to the study of civil engineering , precisely in Transportation engineering. The specific gravity of a material is basically the ratio of the unit weight or density of the material to a same volume of standard fluid. Usually we use the water as a universally acceptable standard fluid. The specific gravity of  bitumen is denoted the apparent unit weight respect to same volume of water at a specific temperature. 

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Specific gravity of bituminous material is defined as the ratio the mass or unit weight of given volume of substance to the equal volume of the mass or unit weight of water at 27°C.


  • Specific gravity bottle, 
  • Balance 
  • Distilled water
  • Thermostatically maintained water bath. 


1. Clean and dry the specific gravity bottle and weighted to be W1gm. 

2. Than it is filled with fresh distilled water and then kept in water bath for at least half an hour at temperature 27 ̊ C±0.1 ̊ C. 

3. The bottle is then removed and cleaned from outside. The specific gravity bottle is filled by the distilled water and weighted to be W2 gm. 

4. Then the specific gravity bottle is cleaned. The bituminous material is then heated to a pouring temperature and the bottle is filled by the material about half, by taking care to prevent entry of air bubbles. Then it is weighed to be W3gm. 

5. The remaining space in specific gravity bottle is filled with distilled water at 27 ̊ C and is weighed. Let this be W4gm. 


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The specific gravity of given bituminous binder is ________________ .


  1. The specific gravity bottles are cleaned carefully. 
  2. Readings are taken carefully.
  3. Carefully maintain the temperature of thermostatic water bath.
  4. Wear safety glass and/or face shields, heat resistant gloves with close-fitting cuffs.
  5. Care should be taken to prevent entry of air bubbles while pouring the bitumen in specific gravity bottle.
  6. Duplicate determination of specific gravity should agree within 0.01.

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