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Vane shear test

Determine the Vane shear test of soil sample.

 Vane Shear Test

A major problem of shear strength is the structural strength of soil. The undrained shear strength of a soft clay is measured by the vane shear test. The vane shear test usually provides accurate result for soils of low strength as less than 0.3 kg/cm2, which is not possible in unconfined compressive test or Triaxial test.  The vane shear test of soil is quite cheaper and quicker method of determination of shear strength of soft clay. Therefore the vane shear test usually conducted in laboratory as well as field.

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The undrained shear strength of soft clay is determined by Vane shear test. The vane shear test as follows-


  • Vane shear apparatus
  • Soil specimen container
  • vernier callipers


  1. Firstly prepare a couple of  specimen for multiple observation of Vane shear test. Make the specimen for Vane shear test of 37.5 mm diameter and 75 mm of height, which stated as the L/D ratio 2 or 3/
  2. Place the specimen to the vane shear container for vane shear test. and place the container to the base of vane shear apparatus.
  3. Gently lower the vane shear needle as the top of the vane should be 10 mm below the top of the sample, without disturbing the specimen.
  4. Now take the initial reading of the graduated ring provided the upper portion of the vane shear apparatus.
  5. Apply the torque by rotate the vane at a uniform speed of  0.1o/s, until the specimen fails/
  6. Note the final reading of the graduated ring as the angle of twist.


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  • Set accurately the spring to the vane shear apparatus for the vane shear test. And note down accurate spring constant.
  • Take the reading of the angle of twist for vane shear test carefully by perpendicular eye position to the graduated ring.

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