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Indian Standard (IS) codes are prepared by associate engineer's of India for every aspect of civil engineering. During professional life of a civil engineer one normally uses only a handful of them depending on the nature of work they are involved in. Every single engineering activity of a project usually have to refer to a good number of IS codes as such projects entail use a variety of construction materials in every varieties of structures such as buildings, roads, steel structures, all sorts of foundations and what not.

Handbook of IS Codes are used not only for professionals but also for construction-newbies, students, etc. The list are given below which may not be a comprehensive one,  it definitely includes some IS codes quite frequently used  by construction engineers and students.

 The description of the codes are printed in the cover portion of the code copy by INDIAN STANDARD. 

Indian standard codes are list of codes which must be used for civil engineers in India  and the Civil engineering students studies under AICTE approved Institutions for the purpose of design and analysis of civil engineering structures such as buildings, hydrolic structures, roads, railways, and airports.

Plain & Reinforcement Concrete codeIS-456: 2000

General Construction of Plain and Reinforced Concrete for Dams and other Massive structures

code. IS-457: 1957

Prestressed concrete code 

code. IS-1343: 1980

Waterproofing of Roofs with Bitumen felts 

code.IS-1346: 1991

Steel practice code for general construction 

code.IS-800: 1984

Rectangular pressed steel tanks 


Splitting tensile strength of concrete:Method of testIS 5816 : 1999

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